Tuesday, March 24, 2015

it's spring and idols

I'm blogging for the sole fact that it's finally spring and I the last post {from over a month ago} includes photos of snow and ice and honestly, it's spring. Let's move on. 
 I used to think that I'm a cool weather-kinda girl..... but as I get older, I realize that I'm more of an 80 degree weather kinda girl. Especially having little kids - I love being able to go outside. Simon on the other hand gets offended by a breeze and doesn't like when the sun is burning him - he is after-all the fairest-skinned of our crew. Ragan on the other hand looks like she has a tan, even though she's never had one in her life. 
Not much is going on here - we're waiting to purchase a house. Closing keeps getting delayed and I haven't shared news about us moving in because, well, we don't own a house. It's quite a story and one surely that should be shared.... but don't want to bore you with the Queen Anne Saga {Queen Anne is the road the house is on} until it's our house and our story to tell. Presently we're waiting to find out if the owners can get a loan to cover 16K they still owe on the house - found that out the day before what was supposed to be our final closing date. We put in our first offer on October 31st. Let that sink in - this has turned into a saga indeed {we've extended the closing ourselves quite a few times as well because we're planning to do renovations before moving in}. We have been reassured by many that buying a house shouldn't be and hardly ever is this complicated; however, ours is a story of complication and now just waiting. And let's be honest - waiting is the worst. 
I've been leading an RUF girl's Bible study on Tim Keller's book Counterfeit Gods. It's been really great. It has made me realize that we all struggle to solely love and worship God wholly. Our hearts tend to worship other things - and things often valued by our culture. Often the things we spend the most time doing and thinking about/obsessing about or striving to do are our idols. They're fairly easy to identify. The problem with worshipping anything other than God is that we will always be left feeling unfulfilled; we worship created things instead of the Creator. This study has also reminded me how important it is to constantly, actively give God our heart. Sometimes it happens naturally, but usually it doesn't.  
While I've been a mom not for almost three years {3!!?}, I'm still settling into this role. Being a stay at home mom is something I never imagined myself doing. However, I'm convinced that this is the best place for me at the moment and my kids. There are days that I really would love to ship them off to a boarding school, but most days I really love being home with them and being the one who gets to teach them everything. It's a privilege I try not to take for granted. 

Today is also Ann's birthday - I am thankful that she is my mother-in-law. She loves me and my family well. We miss her terribly and are thankful that we get to see her every couple of months. 

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