Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ice Day 2015

We DO NOT miss the cold St. Louis weather; I feel like I'm just struggling with the cold here in NC. I don't like the cold and wouldn't consider myself one to enjoy playing in the snow and ice. It's just cold. Not much fun usually. Just cold and really cold. So I had low expectations when we suited everyone up to go see the white-outdoors. 
 I really love ice covered trees. They are so beautiful, so that's why I braved the cold. 
 Simon enjoyed his first legit ice pop. 
 Ragan, as usual, was just happy to be with us. 
She's a trooper this girl.  
 And then our sweet neighbors saw that we were walking around outside and offered their snow-tubes for us to use. I probably would have said, "we're ok but thanks" if I'd been the one they asked. But they asked Tom, and he never turns down anything fun. 
 And it WAS fun. So much fun. Maybe because Simon was having so much fun. He is a very cautious 2 year old - never one for adventure. But somehow Tom convinced him to sled, and he loved it. 

 Simon even ventured down our "hill" on his own. 

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