Tuesday, December 2, 2014

addresses and missing people

I've been addressing Christmas cards for the last few hours. I've had several trial and errors with Ragan taking a nap, and finally, after the 3rd attempt, she's taking a nap. That baby girl is tired and she needs to sleep. She keeps throwing me for a loop. I'm still trying to figure her out and learn who she is.... I just can't quite put my finger on her yet. 

Back to addressing cards.....there's a sense of nostalgia in writing all of these addresses. I miss each person/couple/family for a different reason. Miss people because I don't quite know who they are {but maybe Tom does} and long for time to get to know them, or I address one to family who we wish we lived closer because it's hard missing them and little life events we can't always celebrate.... and then there are all my friends from college who are spread all over America.... or friends from the time I taught in Atlanta... or friends from when I lived in Greenville, SC and went to grad school.... or friends from Auburn where Tom was an intern.... or friends from St. Louis while Tom went to seminary...... and then there are the new friends in NC who we are still getting to know and don't miss, because we see them. 

In all these addressings of envelopes.... I am missing my friends and remembering how difficult it was moving each time. It's always hard to make new friends, to have to expose who you really are in order to go deeper in relationships. Building community is hard.... I know. This is the 5th state I've moved to in the past 7 years. While we are still finding and building our community here in NC, we are thankful that the Lord has continuously blessed us with community {mainly through the church} in every season of our life. We have seen Him be faithful in the past, so we have no reason to doubt that He will do the same for us here in NC. 

So if you're reading this, and you're far away from us: know that you're missed and loved. 

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