Monday, September 22, 2014

state fair

Tom took the afternoon off on Thursday last week and  we went to the Pitt County Fair. 

The people watching did not disappoint. Simon's favorite thing, by a long run, was the tractor exhibit. 
 No matter where we went, Simon found a tractor to play with....

 I'm sure modern-day farmers are all about baby-wearing.

 Had never actually seen how peanuts grow. In South Africa they're called ground-nuts, because they well.... grow in the ground.
 This "guy" was hilarious and awesome. A remote-controlled animal-man.
 Ragan has been hanging out with Simon too much and also enjoyed the tractors. 

 They're starting to look more and more alike to me. 
And here's an imaginary toast to hopefully blogging more in the near future....

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