Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ragan is 6 months!

Y'all. HOW in the world is this little nugget 6 months old already? I feel like she was just born and now she's sitting up and trying to crawl already. 
For the most part she's been an easy baby. She loves to be in the ergo and is finally starting to be content entertaining herself.
  Ragan takes after Tom is a total cuddler/snuggler. She is totally happy just to sit on my lap and be held all day. Which is great because I can take her anywhere and know that she's going to be a happy camper as long as I'm around. But it also makes it difficult to get anything done during the day because she just wants to be held. 
She is probably a 'normal' sleeper and is still figuring out a good sleep pattern. Not sure if it's because I haven't been as disciplined with a schedule as I was with Simon or that she's just not a great sleeper. My comparison is Simon - who started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks - so, I realize the bar was set really high for her. 
 Ragan and I are in a thumb war of sorts. She wants to suck her thumb. I want her to suck a paci. IF her thumb actually soothed her when she was upset, I'd let her suck her thumb, but it doesn't. So I'll keep fighting. 
 When she's happy - she's happy. For the most part she's a really content baby. She loves being around Simon and watching him. She never cries in her car seat; I think primarily because her seat faces Simon {since he faces the front and she the back}. But when she's sad, she's really sad. As Simon would say, "Ragan crying. She's sad." I'll ask, "why is she sad?" And he responds, "yeah." Exactly. Sometimes she just gets really sad.
  While I can't believe that she's 1/2 a year old already, I am excited to get to know her. To see who she is and what type of personality she has. 
Thankful for this little girl the Lord has blessed us with. I think I understand God's love for me better when I look at my relationship with my kids. There are days when I think I'd be better off in a looney bin, and then I'm SO thankful for the quiet after they go to bed because I'm just done and don't have anything left to give. But then in just a few hours I remember the joy they bring me, and I'm tempted to go wake them up so I can hug and kiss their little faces. I imagine our relationship with God is similar. He probably gets so frustrated with me - but He loves me SO.

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