Thursday, July 31, 2014


We've been furniture shopping and are searching for a chair and a half for our living room. I know I must seem incredibly rude to the sales people because I almost automatically reject their help - I know what I'm looking for and will ask for help if I need it. Nothing spoils a shopping trip like a hovering sales associate who asks you a million times if you need help, if you've found what you're looking for, etc. 

I think I developed this rude attitude after I was suckered into buying something when I was fresh out of college.

I was working at Wesleyan and coaching a sport; for some reason I didn't have much to do and went to the mall one night after work. I was walking past one of those little kiosks when a man with an accent lured me over with some nail cream. Next thing I know he's pushing my cuticles back and exfoliating, filing, and buffing my nails. Before I know what happened, I paid the $22 for my life-time guaranteed nail buffer that I didn't even want!
On the way home - I realized that I had been totally suckered/manipulated into buying an overpriced buffer that I didn't even need. The purchase made me feel sick to my stomach and I would have returned the buffer if the receipt hadn't stated in all caps that ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  

Anyways. That was the first and the last time anyone will ever talk me into buying something I don't want. Not sure if you've been suckered into buying something you didn't want.....for better or worse, my nail buffer experience has definitely changed the way I deal with sales associates. 


  1. I am super rude to those kiosk people. One of my least favorite things is feeling like I'm being sold on something.


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