Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Simon-isms-17 months/23 months

I wrote this post 5 months ago! I'll add a little update, but I wanted to post this before he turns 17....

Y'all, this little one cracks me up. He fills our days with pure joy and we are so thankful for his fun little personality. We have no idea what little girl is going to be like, but we're thankful that Simon has been such an easy/fun little one. I have a little book where I write down important events like sitting, walking, etc. But thought I'd take a moment to share some of his little quirks. He's almost 17 months old now and full of personality and smiles.

  • Anything can be mama. An inanimate object. A tall, lean, African-American male, a squirrel. You name it - it can be mama.
  • He LOVES to dance and shake a leg or shoulder. He asks for music pretty much every-time he sits down to eat a meal.
  • He's really good at making animal noises. He can make the sound for a dog, cat, sheep, cow, donkey, horse, fish, snake, chicken, bird, zebra, deer, hippo, lion, bear, elephant, mouse, duck...
  • He loves to splash around in the bathtub and drink a cup of water while he's at it. For a while I added bubble bath - but he ate the bubbles, all the time. So I've stopped that momentarily. 
  • When I change Simon's diaper, I sometimes sing the ABC's to him - just because. Over the last week he's started singing, A, B, A, B, E, A, B, A, B, D. So - y'all, diaper changing time can be a time of great educational enrichment. ;) 
  • His favorite words are ball and car. Anything that slightly resembles a sphere is a ball. Anything with a wheel is a car. I spend all day affirming that yes that's a ball and yes that's a car. 
  • He can say ball, car, mama, dada on occasion, nee-nee is hungry, doo-doo is a train or a dinosaur, 'a car' is either car, guitar, or cat. Ka-Ka is either tractor or cracker. He shakes his head for yes while he has a very firm, verbal NO. Baa-baa is a pompom.
  •  HE LOVES POMPOMS. One day I reached that point that moms often reach during the day and thought, what the heck am I going to do to entertain him the rest of the day. I found some pompoms I've had since high school and gave them to him. Surprisingly he didn't put them in his mouth, but he does stick them in his ears, in his pockets, down his overalls, in his hair, under his chin, in the back of his shirt by his neck, in his tractors, in the mega-blocks, in duplo, in bags, in my shirt pockets, in any container he can find. Y'all. If you have a 1ish year old who is past putting everything in sight in their mouths, get your little one some pompoms. It's has been our cheapest/greatest source of entertainment yet. 
  • I have an organic-baby tea that I give Simon every few days just to change it up in the liquid department. At some point, all liquids became tea. Milk, water, coffee, glass of wine - it's all tea.
23 Month update:
  • Simon's ABC's have progressed - he can sing through about J or K... will skip a few letters and then sing the last bit.
  • He's pretty much potty trained! {I used baby-center's 3-day potty training bootcamp} Switched from diapers to underwear 2 weeks ago and he's been doing SO well - is dry {mostly} after naps and bedtime, and he tells me when he needs to go. He is yet to poop in the potty and I see this inner struggle between really not wanting to go in his pants and really having a hard time letting go on the toilet. I've been told by several moms that this takes time...
  • He can identify most kinds of cars busses {cool bus vs. city bus}
  • Was picky about food for a little while but will try and then eat almost anything again - I feel like we've entered a good stage as far as food is concerned.
  • While he doesn't give much attention to Ragan, he is sweet to her. If I'm doing something with him, and she cries, he'll say, "baby sissy...cying..."
  • He still loves to dance and naturally just starts to move when music is being played.
  • He loves a 'fuit sack' and is currently obsessed with 'big geen tackta'
  • Still naps 2-3 hours a day...we put him in bed around 8/8:30 and he usually sleeps anywhere from 7-9:30. Once he's in bed at night, he talks/sings for almost an hour before going to sleep.
  • the number three is "sicken"... 1, 2, sicken...
  • If we ask him what something is, and he doesn't know he'll say, "kannah" {noooo idea what that is}
  • He still loves pompoms {and beads} and sticks them in cars, jars, and anything else...
  • He loves to play guitar and/or the blabloh {mandolin}

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  1. I can't wait to read this 20 years from now. Do you think he'll still love pom-poms.


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