Wednesday, April 23, 2014

easter 2014

{Simon almost 2, Ragan almost 3 months}

Easter is quickly becoming my favorite holiday. Having kids, and especially a toddler this year, has made me think more about what a holiday actually means and how I want my kids to experience it. Honestly, I think it's hard to find Jesus at Christmas because he's hidden under so - much - stuff. He's hidden under wrapping paper and santa and the gifts we give and get. In our consumer culture, we have to really make an effort to make Christmas about Jesus and not ourselves and the things we get and give.

I loved Easter weekend this year. I loved going to a Good Friday service with my family, even though Tom was chasing down Simon who said he needed to go potty at least 20 times for the entire congregation to hear. I loved sharing the service with my friends who have become like family, who believe in the same Christ I do.

I enjoyed Saturday: the rest after Friday. Going to Simon's first Easter egg hunt. Acknowledging that there will always be crazy parents and decided that parents should not be allowed to hunt for eggs {aka woman scooping up as many eggs as she could for her child}. Baking and getting things ready to host friends on Sunday.

And then going to an Easter service as a family, even though I was out in the hallway nursing a crying baby during the sermon, we were there together. As I constantly need to be pointed to Jesus, I am thankful for this Easter that seemed to be about nothing other than Jesus.

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