Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday's Letters ::: 3:7:2014

Dear Daylight Savings:
Even though we're springing forward this weekend and losing an hour - I'm ok with that. It's always a sure sign that spring is on her way as well as warmer temps. Which hallelujah - we're finally experiencing some warmer weather!

Dear Pinterest:
Love, love, love you. I realize that I might not ever actually use any of the 2,000+ pins I've pinned - but you sure do inspire me. Gracias.

Dear Ragan:
Well done little missy! I guess you read my post on Wednesday because slept REALLY well Wednesday & Thursday night. Thank you thank you! It's amazing what a 4.5 hour stretch of sleep can do for a mama.

Dear Simon:
Wish I could freeze time and keep you at this age. SO MUCH FUN. You're saying new words and phrases every day - something I both love and hate at the same time. There's always something to mourn and celebrate about this age {almost 22 months}. Have loved reading books with you in your tent.

Dear friends waiting for the birth posts:
I'm working on it. Planning to start it Monday.

Dear people who google:
Have y'all noticed that when you go to the google page, and try to type something in the box on the page it doesn't appear - it only appears on the top of the web browser where you'd normally type in a web-address. This gets on my nerves.

Dear person who came up with this idea: 
While I FULLY support nursing and think that 'breast is best' -- this is weird:

Dear Simon:
While it was REALLY funny that you called your dada Tom, you can't call your dada Tom.

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