Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Around here 1-8-14

Hey y'all. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. Ours came and went by way too quickly. It always does. I took lots of video footage of our day but still need to figure out how to piece them together to make a video. Honestly not much is going on here. I'm just thankful that I didn't go into labor during the snowpocalypse we had this past weekend. Or really, anyone with the least bit of medical training should be thankful - because I was going to make them come to me. While I'm preparing for birthing this baby Tom has been studying for his Ordination exams for ordination and Bible content exam he has to take before graduation. Here's a photo update of what we've been doing.

1. Simon eating hummus. He loves it. Can say hummus too which makes me soooo sad. He's adding at least 5 words to his vocabulary a day and it's really just upsetting to think about how quickly he's growing. But I guess that's what little ones do.

2. I ordered a new printer yesterday. This photo is of the one I bought when I left for college in the fall of 2003. A technology device that lasts 10+ years??? Basically unheard of.

3. Made some granola last week. We love Cascadian farm organic granola - but our budget doesn't love it. So I make my own. I use this recipe and it's good every time!

4. Popping antacid tablets like candy again. I can't complain though because with Simon I had heartburn throughout the entire pregnancy - this time around it's just been this last month. The Target Tropical flavor is actually my favorite of all heartburn tablets and much cheaper than Tums.

5. I'm in full-fledge nesting/purging mode. EVERYTHING is getting washed and cleaned. 

6. Tom's Elmo drawing. Symbolizing both that Simon likes to dow {draw} and it's stretching our own creative abilities. Not to mention the total Elmo obsession Simon has at the moment.

7. Simon 'dowing' and playing with stickers. He likes the idea of stickers but does not like that they're sticky. 

8. Tom went to buy us some food before the snowpocalypse hit Sunday - and the store was literally totally out of bananas, bread, milk. People go nuts.

9. Snowpocalypse. Never actually seen a foot of  snow accumulate until this past weekend. We witnessed "thunder-snow." It was like -36 with the windchill. I don't think I left the house for about 5 days. Tom had to dig my car out and since it's been below freezing nothing has melted.

10. I'm starting to take "bets" on when little girl will arrive. My official due date is 2.2. Groundhog's day. I seriously thought that she would have come already - thankful that she's cooking a little longer - but so ready to not be pregnant anymore. So, what'd ya think? 

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