Friday, December 6, 2013

since I last blogged...

Remember that time when I thought I was blogging regularly. Then I looked at my blog to see if perhaps I should write a little something. And then I realized that it's basically been a month since I last blogged? That just happened.

Since I last blogged:

 I realized that my little one is 1 1/2 and almost cried when I bought him something that was size 2T. Seriously. Almost wept. How does this happen? I'm not even blinking. Simon is a busy little body, but we are enjoying him SO much. This might be my favorite age yet and his vocubulary/understanding of things changes daily. He loves to be read to and will even sit for about 30 minutes by himself and just look at books, identifying every item on every page that he has a word for.
{saying cheese}

I acquired a nephew {Henry Aaron Hart V} and could not be more excited about being Henry's favorite auntie - it's true that I'm his only auntie - but it wouldn't take me long to acquire favorite status if I weren't ;). It's times like these that we really wish we lived closer to our family.
{Little Henry and his Uncle Tom and me}

Little Henry's girl cousin is about 2 months away from entering the world. I've been feeling ok. Well, I do feel like little girl is ready to tear through my belly button - but other than that I'm ok. I am growing a human, some minor discomforts are expected.

I've cut out some babysitting and sweat shop business and thank goodness that was enough to stop some super early for-real contractions. Now that I have more time to think about things that need to get done {other than work}, I wonder how it all got done when I was working a bagillion hours in the day. I've decided that it's basically impossible to be a full-time mom while trying to work full-time. Lesson learned.
{our little family by the fire}

We went "home" to the south to enjoy Thanksgiving with Tom's family and were really glad that my family was able to join us too. We're SO thankful that our parentals get along - it definitely makes life so much easier for us - especially since we live so far away from them.
{carriage ride}

We also went on a whirl-wind adventure to NC to check out a prospective job. Tom graduates in May - a fact that is both scary and exciting. I feel as though I've been looking forward to graduating - but haven't had any expectations of what the future would look like - a good and unusual thing for me. It was good to check out NC and get a sense of what might come next.

I really will try to blog regularly. My days have looked like working in the morning and resting in the afternoon - I think my body and little girl has needed that rest. It's way too early for her to come! I honestly feel like a different person who doesn't have tunnel-work vision.

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