Monday, November 4, 2013

it's a girl - y'all

We've known {and you've known} for a while that we're having a girl. Well - it's been confirmed for a long time, but I knew very early on when I had untamable "morning" sickness - that it was a girl. I say untamable because with Simon I'd almost exclusively feel sick in the mornings - hence - I was able to tame the sick feeling with eating something before my feet even touched the ground in the mornings. With this little one - there was no rhyme or reason as to when I'd feel sick. In the morning, afternoon, night - before I hate something - while I ate something - after I ate something. The sickness would just be sudden and so inconsistent that there was no real way to "manage" it. Thank the Lord it went away almost immediately after I hit the second trimester - the "golden" trimester as some might call it.

I also knew that we were having a girl because I didn't have any heartburn. With Simon I'd get heartburn after almost everything I ate. I carried Tums around like it was candy. Had a bottle in my car, in my purse, next to my bed, in the living room. I'd get heartburn after drinking water or even taking my prenatal. Everything gave me heartburn.

So, being 27 {!!!} weeks with child - I have known for a while that we're having a girl. I don't know if it's because I've been in denial or that I just haven't really thought about it - but it wasn't until I was buying some girlish fabric to make a quilt for little girl that I realized that we're having a girl! Then yesterday as I was drying my hair for church and looking around our bedroom I realized that I'd be able to put cutesy things in a girl's room. Maybe I'm just now thinking about it because with Simon everything's been all-boy things. Subconsciously I'd assumed that we'd have a girl with him since I come from a family with girls leading the birth-order.

After Simon was born, I'd pre-adjusted to the idea of having all boys and loved the life I would have with a house full of boys. God thought otherwise for our life and is giving us a little girl. Thinking about it now - I'm thankful that this babe is a girl since Simon and little one will be fairly close in age {21 months}. I'm hoping that their opposite genders will help them not be so competitive and will help me and Tom see them as completely different people.

I keep referring to her as little girl or little one because she is still unnamed. It's not that we're deciding not to share the name - we just don't have one. My mom was so sure that we had a name picked out and though I was holding out on her - then I gave her the 12ish names that we're thinking about - and honestly I'm just not loving any of them. I keep looking at the top 500 or 1000 girl names - scrolling to the bottom of the list to get ideas. We'd love to use a family name or a name with some sort of meaning or relevance to our lives. I don't want to use a name that is over-used or popular, but I also don't want a name that's weird or unpronounceable. {Reason why Simon is Simon and not Jacob - do you know that's been the #1 boy name for almost 14 years in a row! We still love the name - but it's just too popular at the moment}. So. That's where we are in the name category. We're totally taking suggestions if you have a good one.

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