Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday's Letters ::: 11:8:2013

Dear Mamas:
Have you realized that MANY children's books end with someone going to sleep. The book could be about fire trucks rushing in to kill a fire - but ends with a truck going to sleep. A farm that is up and running - and ends with the animals going to sleep. Cars zooming all around - they end up in the garage for bedtime. Bears visiting their grandparents - end with bedtime. A very hairy bear trying to decide what type of bear he is - ends with sleeping. I think the writers are parents themselves and realize that many parents read books to their babes before they go to sleep. Just saying. I've noticed.

Dear Tom:
I'm so glad that you're finally catching on to the fact that you can never have enough pizza. I for example will have pizza on Friday and by Saturday I'm thinking it's been a while since I've had pizza. You're moving up in the world. A few months ago we had pizza on Friday and by Thursday you were saying that it's been a while since we've had pizza. Proof that you're realizing that it's the best food - ever.

Dear Upstairs Neighbors:
Y'all have been great - really. Now the occasional fighting and name calling is probably not necessary - but y'all really have been ok. What is NOT OK is the fact that you smoke. It's not a problem because you do - because really you can do what you want to  - it's NOT OK because every time you smoke and our air/heat is running - the smell comes straight through the vents into OUR place. I hate smelling like smoke - nevermind the fact that I have to hold my breath every time I go downstairs to do laundry. This has made me look forward to moving.

Dear What the Hart Likes etsy shop supporters:
Don't forget that today is the very last day to place orders for anything you'd like that is custom-made . I think the way I'm going to run my shop from now on is only sell in my shop what I have time to make - so no custom products for a while. I've already been taking it easier this week - and life has been so much sweeter.

Apparently the site where I used to link-up my Friday's letters is no longer linking - maybe I can figure out how to get fancy and get y'all to link up here.

I'll leave you with Simon's selfie from yesterday - drool and all.
Have a good weekend!

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