Thursday, November 7, 2013

decorating for Christmas

Before all you Scrooges tell me that it's waaaay too early to decorate for Christmas, hear me out. I know that Thanksgiving is still to come - it's a great holiday and I love eating turkey and visiting with family. But it comes and goes so quickly that before you know it - it's December 5th and you're only getting the chance to put up your Christmas stuff and because your husband is in grad school you get a generous "break" for Christmas and leave your homestead to visit family on the 18th and then all of a sudden you've only had 13 days to enjoy your own Christmas decor and spirit in your own house. Right?

That's been our experience all too often.

And then there's last year. Where I worked right up until the morning that we left to visit family. I don't even remember this time of year last year. It was a blur. It was filled with a lot of working sprinkled with some more working. I feel like I missed out on Christmas last year - and I'm not about to let that happen again.

So when I saw Christmas trees for sale at a local nursery on Monday - it was affirmed that it's not too early. Think we'll wait another week - but then I think it's time. It's only 7 weeks away.

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