Wednesday, October 23, 2013

life lately

I promise that I haven't forgotten about this blog, here. It's just that when I have to decide between eating and blogging - eating always wins. Especially while being pregnant. 
Tom asked me last night if our life is just particularly crazy right now or if it's just life. My response was that it's just really crazy right now. Tom is taking different classes - each with their own expectations, due dates, and assignments; he has also started volunteering with the youth at our church. He's preparing for all the ordination exams he'll eventually have to take and thinking about jobs for next year - all the while being a husband to me and a dad to Simon and Agnes.
Although my little shop has been on vacation - I have not been. I'm hosting a house shop here in St. Louis this Thursday and Saturday and have been sewing in my one-woman sweat shop - conditions have been rough. The only way I could think of preparing for the future was to close my shop for a bit because it's difficult to work ahead while receiving incoming orders when I really only have Simon's nap times to work - I think I have 60 dish towels completed and ready to go - the most I've ever had completed in one single time. Not to mention I've also been babysitting and tutoring all the while. And being a wife and a mom to Simon and the growing little girl we have on the way {Agnes too - but she's been more of Tom's responsibility}.
Speaking of little growing girl - it completely unnerves me to think that she'll be here in 15ish weeks. I'm totally ready for her and to be a mom of 2 {I think all the babysitting I've done has allowed me to not even blink about having 2 to care for} - but the sheer fact that this pregnancy has flown by way too quickly makes me nauseous. I am however really looking forward to the nearing of her arrival because I'm throwing myself a retirement party in December and will take a break from babysitting and sweat-shoppin' to focus on taking care of our little family - and myself. My personal hygiene has been at an all-time-low over the last few years, and I look forward to being able to brush my teeth without feeling like I should rather be sewing.
So that's been our normal life. We've also been glad to welcome visitors over the last few weeks. First Tom's mom came to visit, then my mom, then my sweet friend Sara made the trip to see us. We had really good visits with everyone and were actually energized by their visits. Tom ran a half marathon with my mom when she visited. Not sure if he's going to continue running, but I know he enjoyed the company of his fellow training buddies and the fact that it wasn't school related and had a goal to work toward.

Simon is still the best little kid I've ever watched/known. He still takes 2 - 2hr naps {he's 17 months old} and goes to bed around 7/7:30 and will easily sleep till past 8 if we allow him. He's a happy little booger, isn't whiny, and is genuinely fun to be around. We've taught him basic baby sign language and communicating hasn't been frustrating for either of us. He's generally able to communicate what he needs/wants. When I tell him that we're going to read a book and go to bed - he says ok. He's so compliant and I'm thankful to have him as our first babe, especially since I've been a fulltime stay at home/working mom. I'm sure he might have totally spoiled us compared to what might come.

Better get back to sewing; I don't want to upset my employer or want my pay to get docked.


  1. So cute! I love all the pictures! -Amber

  2. sounds like our second year in seminary-dan's hardest year with classes and work and i was growing lazarus then taking care of two little ones. it's tough, but it can be done!!! i reallllllly want to know what you're naming your girl!!!

  3. So sweet! Love the updates! He's so cute!--Tammy Jacobs


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