Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday's Letters ::: 8:30:2013

It’s been a good two weeks since I’ve last been able to blog. I’m not ready to give this up yet. Wish I had more time to devote to blogging because I enjoy writing and sharing what’s going on in our lives. These last two weeks have been extremely jam-packed:

Tom has boiled a total of 84 pounds of peanuts
I had a birthday and set out to enjoy the last year of my twenties
There was an armed robbery in the building next to ours – a baby and her mama had a gun held to their head – scary. Maybe scarier than the time the FBI was looking for someone in the same building – just a bad building? Probably. {We’re sure that this was drug related and the couple has since moved out. Good riddance}.
I’ve been babysitting. A lot. Like 64 hours of babysitting in two weeks. I'm referring to myself as a professional babysitter now - my new formal occupation.
Tom babysat too –because I was already babysitting.
I’ve done about 10 loads of laundry - at least
We feel like our mold issue is under control
I’ve made and shipped about 25 items from my shop - and still have at least 15 things to make.

Tom started his last year of seminary – hallelujah
We attended church, worked in the nursery, and Tom preached at the nursing home
I’ve been raising a little one and growing another
We’ve been sorting through our stuff and are getting ready for a yard sale
I’ve tutored twice
Simon has just happily been along for the ride. He’s fine-tuning his sharing skills with all these kiddos he plays with when I babysit.
We’ve implemented a schedule of who does what and when around here – and it has helped us be a little more organized with our time – which is so hard to do when we feel like we’re in survival mode most of the time.

I don’t think it’s just us who’s busy – I know y’all are too. I am looking forward to the arrival of our second little one though because I plan to work less. A lot less.

*  *  *  *  *  *
All that to say, I still have some letters to send out this week.

Dear Pinterest:
Thank you for adding the feature where you let me know when I've already pinned something. This is most helpful since I never look at my boards once I've pinned something.

Dear Dentist Office:
Listen. Y'all can't bill me now for an appointment I had 14 months ago. Maybe you should hire a new insurance/billing person. I'm not paying whatever you're asking me to pay. Get on-top of it.

Dear Tom:
Thank you for watching Simon most of the day on Thursday. I desperately needed that time - to sew. Couldn't have finished those orders without you.

Dear Next Week:
Hurry up why don't ya. I'm so over this week.

Dear Avoided Inner Conflict:
I attended Georgia for 4 years of undergrad. And while I attended Clemson for a year of grad school, I'm glad I didn't get invested in that school. Otherwise I'd have some major inner conflict going on this Saturday night.

Dear Family:
I'm jealous that you'll be at the beach this week. Real jealous.

Dear Polly:
I need to call you! I didn't know that you had your appendix removed! Hope you are feeling well. We miss y'all!

Dear Covenant/St. Louis community - this is the email that Tom sent out to Covenant Land - trying to sell some of our peanuts. It's too good not to share on here:

Subject: From the South? Miss cracking into delicious boiled peanuts on a fall day?

Me too. But, dadgummit, I decided to do something about it. I  got my parents to UPS me a bushel of fresh peanuts, purchased at a local, South Georgia farm for me to boil, just the way my grandpappy used to do it. Now a bushel of peanuts, weighing in at 42 pounds, would have provided plenty of salty goodness for my little family. However, a logistical error caused 2 bushels to be shipped to my house. For you liberal arts majors, that's 84 pounds of nuts.

With an unexpected bumper crop on my hands, I have decided to offer the Covenant community the opportunity to share in this pleasant providence. For only 5 American dollars, you can purchase one quart of farm-fresh, home-boiled peanuts. I'll have some on campus tomorrow, or I could bring them to you next week. 

Let me know if you're interested.


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    1. This made me laugh! Tom's email is hilarious... a "pleasant providence" indeed.

  2. I just decided. If fall break doesn't hold a wedding for me, I'm getting my butt to St. Louie. There'd better be some peanuts saved.
    Love you guys. Lots and lots.


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