Thursday, August 15, 2013

Friday's Letters ::: 8:16:2013

Dear Lady in your 70's:
The parking space for expectant mothers is for, well, expectant mothers. Unless you're expecting: Congratulations.

Dear St. Louis Drivers:
You never cease to amaze me with your creative driving; this is not a compliment.

Dear Baby Number 2:
I'm sorry that you are already neglected and that we forget about you. We ARE excited about you, and I was just thinking last weekend what good timing this is, Simon needs a buddy at home. Maybe next time we have an ultrasound you can move the umbilical cord so that it might not be right in-between your legs?

Dear little walking Simon:
I love your little squatty waddle. You're full of life these days and love walking. I love this age. If I could stop your growth right now forever, I would. Except maybe first learn to walk a little better. But, as a whole, you're a lot of fun. I also appreciate how well you've been sleeping at night! No wonder you're bubbly - with a full 13 hours of sleep at night and then two 2hr naps - goodness, if you weren't alive and well after all that sleep I'd be worried.

Dear etsy shop shoppers:
Thanks to all the new orders and for people who have supported my little shop in the past. All of the income I make from here goes directly to helping us pay for seminary. Couldn't do it without you.

Dear Tom:
Thank you for taking Simon on your run yesterday. I totally needed that time to re-charge. I REALLY appreciate when you take him with you.

Dear Emily and Sara Ellen:
We are sooo glad we got to see you today. Wish we lived closer so that we could see you more often!

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  1. I just laugh when I read this! You're funny, Chane :)


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