Monday, August 12, 2013

Choose Fun

So we're back in St. Louis for Tom's last year of seminary. Tom worked for Downtown Presbyterian Church as an intern this past summer, and after having a really good experience in Greenville, SC, it's been rather difficult to return. I think one of the largest adjustments is not having 4 adults to complete daily tasks: I'm now convinced that it takes at least 4 adults to have a functioning household. I also realized how lonely motherhood of little ones is; it was refreshing to have company {my mom} during many days of our stay {we lived with my parents}. I also realized that I was majorly over-working before my summer break. A harsh reality to return to when all of this "work" is still here, and we're down to 2 adults. 

I think I'd be much more excited about being back if it weren't for the mold* we've spent hours dealing with and worrying about.

Or the roach I saw running across Simon's room the other night when he was crying in his sleep at 1am. This does not occur often, the roach sighting or the crying at 1am, but both happened on the same night. Roaches = crying babies? Certainly they're related. 

All this to say, we're excited to be back with the friends we've made here and our church community. I've come up with a new motto for this year: Choose Fun. For me as a "stay at home/work at home" mom - there's often little to separate the week from the weekends, especially when Tom was waiting tables Friday & Saturday nights and studying during the day on Saturdays. Our incoming funds will be a little less than the past two years, but Tom has "retired" from his waiting tables for this last year so that we can enjoy life more. Our Choose Fun motto is a decision to be intentional about how we spend our time on the weekends. Two musts that we've already implemented: a fun activity must be done on Saturdays {no matter how small or large}, and we've decided to make a "fun" breakfast {anything besides cereal} on Sundays before church. Hopefully the decision to Choose Fun will help us to have a more enjoyable/relaxing year.

*For those of you worrying about the mold - we're dealing with it. If anyone has any wisdom to share - please do! We've turned into crazy plant people to help the air quality, are using a dehumidifier, have cleaned all the visible mold and it hasn't grown back, and our landlord has apparently ordered something to "deal" with it. This problem occurred because our subleaser didn't turn on the air all summer {insert thumbs up and raised eyebrows}.

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  1. and things will get more fun as simon grows, too! he'll be more engaged with all the fun you're having, which in turn, makes things WAY fun :)


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