Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hart Family Christmas - 2012

Seeing that we're 1/2 way to Christmas already - it's probably a good time to post about our Christmas holiday. I've had this post completed - for months. I'm ready to move it from draft to published.
I probably took about a thousand photos over our Christmas break. The good thing about our year going from August to May is that there are generous breaks/vacations naturally built into our schedule. We're grateful for them, especially since both of our families live 14ish hours away. We took a nice little 2 week break to leisurely visit our families. 

There's no easy way to share all these photos photos - so I'm just going to do it. I'm about to share my raw, unedited, untouched photos. Few are decent. Some are too yellow. Too blue. Too dark. Too light. Some not quite in focus. These are the things that happen when I manually take photos without any real idea of what I'm doing. So be gracious; don't judge.

Here's Mary Leigh, one of Simon's second cousins. She was adorable in the way that she loved little man. She'd say, "This is my little cousin, Simon."

Ann {Tom's mom} loving little Simon.

One of the presents Tom was most excited about giving was a "taste of St. Louis," for his brother Hank. The spread included sausage, provel cheese (a gross St. Louis fake cheese that people up here LOVE), good beers, gross beers, etc.

Families who sing together, stay together. There's generally music involved in all of our gatherings, and this one was no different. Ann has chosen the song she wants us to sing at her funeral, so we had an impromptu rehearsal.

We opened gifts on Christmas Eve so that we could do so without being rushed Christmas morning. We were terribly spoiled. This is such a "Hank" pose.

One of my favorite presents was a new camera lens. Here Tom is doing a pose.

Poor Henry, he received just one gift from 5 people. He'll enjoy a lobster fest at the appropriate time; if you play your cards right, you might get invited. Kimmie thought of this gift - I think Henry can even track his lobsters and pick when to "catch" them - something like that.

I don't know if you can tell but Tom really likes his mandolin; he's one instrument closer to forming his family band. He hasn't put it down since we've returned to St. Louis. It amazes me how quickly he picked up this instrument and just like that, he's already pretty good. He's one of those music people. I still struggle remembering how to play Amazing Grace on the guitar.

This might be my favorite photos of Henry, ever.

It seemed as if it was going to rain on Christmas morning, but we still ventured out to Haley's stable so we could go for a wagon ride and for Simon to meet Romeo, the farm's new addition.

In our normal farm attire.

Simon's eyes are so dark that most people think they're brown at first glance. But, they're still blue. That Hart blue gene seems to be a strong one. {I love his little tongue in the 2nd one!}

This Christmas was so much fun with this little one.

Simon seeing if he wanted to take a ride on Romeo {check out that chunky leg in the first photo!}

It started to rain on our parade after a while. Wish we could have gone on a longer ride.

3 generations of Hart men

Simon with his Aunt Kimmie and Uncle Hank

We went to the McNeill House for Christmas dinner with Ann's family. Tom found some artifacts that he's intended to research.

Table settings were so beautiful.

Aunt Janet playing with her two grandchildren and her grand-nephew.

Who knew that Simon would be so cute if you stuck him in a stainless steel sink. Check out those little tummy rolls. 

Simon with his father and uncle.

Henry and Ann singing their d-i-v-o-r-c-e song. Don't worry, they're still together.

Love this photo of Ann and Simon. 

Simon and his Aunt Kimmie

Simon trying to give Uncle David {Henry's brother} an open mouth kiss. It was pretty hilarious.

Love this family pic of us all smiling. 

Hart Clan

The best 20 million chocolate layer cake I've ever had. It's from Tommy Macs in Albany, Georgia. We served several of these cakes at our wedding; I don't regret it at all. 

These angels crack me up. Apparently Tom and Hank would have a competition of sorts to see whose Angel could be the highest. Seems that Tom's angel won by the tip of a wing this year.

One of the traditions we have with the Hart family is to watch Christmas Vacation together. It might have been Christmas Eve - Eve when we decided to watch it this year. Tom had a little egg nog before the start of the movie, and the nog along with lack of sleep put him over the edge and he was out. On the last night that we were with the Harts, Hank said, "I want this egg nog to do me like it did Tom the other night."

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