Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday's Letters ::: 6:28:2013

Dear Summer:
My suspicions about you are coming true. You are going by all too fast.

Dear lazy Simon:
I'm on to you. I'm pretty sure you can walk - you've just decided that you don't want to. I see you when you sneakily stand hands-free when you think no one is watching. Give my arm a break and walk already...

Dear Edward, Elizabeth, and Kate:

Dear Simon saying hi:
I love that whenever we come into your room to rescue you from your crib you keep saying hi - hi- hi. Love this.

Dear folks who I convinced to buy an ergo:
I forgot to mention that when I was travelling {flying} with Simon alone, I had to use the bathroom a few times. With Simon. Strapped in the Ergo. Yeah. It's a toughie. Every. single. time. I'd think - maybe I could just ask someone to watch him for me for a second. And then I think about all the weirdos out there and the abductions that happen all the time. And then I think that it would be my luck to trust a complete stranger to watch my little one for a second and then he get's stolen. Just like that. Not on my watch y'all. So if I have to go to the bathroom with a baby strapped to me to save him from abduction - then I'll just have to be that weirdo.

Dear What the Hart Likes etsy shoppers:
I just added a little birdie dress to my shop. You should check it out.

Dear People who put air vents in houses:
Why do y'all feel the need to put one right on the floor by the kitchen sink? My toes are always freezing when I'm doing the dishes. Common y'all. Obviously you're not the ones doing dishes in your house.

What you missed since my last letters:
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