Saturday, May 18, 2013

It's his birthday...

Y'all, the cutest babe I know turns {o.n.e.} today. It was almost exactly a year ago that my mom and mother-in-law were frantically calling each other to see if either one of them had news of Simon's arrival. My mom even called the hospital  to see how I was doing - that's how things are done I suppose when you live 11+ hours away. He had a great birth day, and I love telling people my story.

We have been forever changed by Simon. He is the baby who made us parents, and we're so grateful for the joy he's brought to our life. Tom and I frequently ask each other questions like: "Do you think other people enjoy their babies as much?" Do you think other people love hanging out with their baby as much?" "Do you think other people love their baby as much?" Probably. But not only do we love him, we enjoy hanging out with him and being with him. We are so thankful that God has given us this gift - and opportunity to raise one of His children.

More bow-tie photos to come. It's been my photo project. But I probably need to finish packing since we leave in less than 2 hours for SC.

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