Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday's Letters ::: 5:31:13

Dear fruit fly trap:
You're a sweet gem. Thank you 1} for working and 2} ridding us of our infestation. I will definitely use you again. 

Dear Bathroom:
It is SO good to be in a bathroom where I can store my ever-growing collection of face-creams and better yet move around in. Better yet - have more than 1 person in it. Our bathroom in St. Louis is big enough to make anyone claustophobic. A bigger bathroom has definitely made it on our list of "non-negotioables" for our next living space.

Dear sweet little Simon:
Sorry, no cake for you this weekend. Thank you for sleeping through the night - all.the.time -these days. Your mama appreciates it. Looks like it might rain today - so we might be skipping the pool.

Dear mom and dad:
Thank you for letting us take full advantage of our live-in babysitters last night. We enjoyed being on a date - without a baby. Thank you also for letting us invade your life and house for 2 months. 

Dear Waitress with a bad attitude:
I realize that maybe you had a bad night last night. Maybe you didn't want to work - but you were just plain rude and your service was not appreciated.

Dear Bobby and Amanda:
We're beyond excited for y'all! Congratulations on being with child!

Dear Friends:
Can you believe that this is the 3rd time I've blogged this week?? Me either. You can catch up here and here.


  1. ahh so good to hear the you and the hubby got to go out! I am sure that is refreshing for you guys! You little guy looks so cute! Found you via the link up and am now following!


  2. The dreaded fruit flies! What did you put in your trap? We are infested too!



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