Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday's Letters ::: 5:10:2013

Dear Warmer Weather:
Come and stay a while. Your
days have been absolutely perfect. I love that I can wear shorts, jeans, skirt, sweater - just about anything and be perfectly comfortable.

Dear Tom:
Aren't you glad you retired from your serving job? I for one am happy to have a more normal schedule. :) PS.

Dear Simon:
Can't believe that in just one week you figured out how to call your grandmother and taught me something new on my iphone.

Dear iphone users:
So you know when you get a text, call, or update, or email notification when your phone is locked/off? You know - the little rectangle bubble that pops up? Well - no matter what it is - if you hold down that bubble - you can slide your finger from left to right and it will open that notification up - for example - if someone called you, you can just "slide" the bubble and it will call that person. Or go straight to that text, etc... Maybe you knew that - but I for one needed my almost 1 year old to teach me. {not sure if this works if you need a password to unlock - I don't have time to unlock my phone each time I use it - so I just don't have a password}.

Dear New neighbors upstairs:
I hope you're enjoying our old digs. Y'all are awfully loud up there sometimes, and the smoking? I could really do without that.

Dear Presbyterian friends:
Are any of y'all coming to General Assembly in Greenville this summer? Please let us know if you are - because we'll be there and we'd love to see you.

Dear Amber:
I had a lot of fun painting pottery with you this week. Let's do it again soon; I hope Simon's birthday plate will be fired sooner rather than later.
Dear Bethany:
Thank you so much for buying my little camera! I think I forgot to give you the charger...let me know when you're back in town so that I can give it to you.


  1. Just found you through Friday's Letters - new follower! Thanks for the iPhone tip! Every time I think I know how to do everything on it, I learn something else! I just put a lock on my phone and it drives me crazy to unlock it all the time to see a text or update.

  2. you're welcome!! i've been using it all weekend and it's been awesome. so happy to have a point and shoot that works!!


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