Thursday, April 4, 2013

sunshine and warmth

Today I realized how much my soul and has needed and craved sunlight. I almost want to cry about it.
 It's that time of year when I no longer dart to and from my little abode, instead I walk slowly, wanting to breathe in the air and feel the sun on my skin. 
Simon enjoyed one of his first afternoons outside. He smells like the sun. You know the smell, when you've been outside? Not the smell from sun-bathing or sunscreen - no, it's the smell of basically prefect weather when your skin smells like the sun. Almost a burny-smell, but not really. 
This is Simon's new smell, until he gets bathed, but I sense that his summer skin will smell like the sun, and no longer like a baby's smell. This is a sad day. Yet, I'm so excited that he's entered this age of exploration. 
While standing outside, I predicted that soon I'll dart in and out of the house again. It will be too hot to want to lollygag outside. So, until then, I will enjoy this weather.

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