Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Insta-update: 4.10.13

1. we're finally moved downstairs and pretty much settled. super thankful for the extra space. for those of you who know our address - it's exactly the same - except scratch the A part. No apartment - just 5203

2. tom enjoying his spring break weather. the day we received 9+ inches of snow I kept on seeing girls in their bikinis at the beach, I thought it would be funny to post outside, but I'm not that crazy - but Tom is.

3. mumsy - aka Tom's mom - came to visit and enjoyed easter with us - it made me realize my need for a live-in nanny. accepting applications - salary: the joy of being with our baby.

4. my first attempt at a hummingbird cake - it was pretty yummy

5. easter table - a cheap idea is to fill some empty egg shells with flowers. I hope to be better prepared next year and sow some seeds in them.

6. the two men in my life - i love this photo of Tom and Simon

7. We were able to go on a date while mumsy was here - and got some free beers because they messed up our drink order

8. a dress I made for a sweet friend - think I might add these to my shop in the near future

9. cool simon - we're enjoying his fun little personality and am SOOO thankful for his sweet disposition. he's generally a really happy baby.

10. sad things are happening - like sippy cup drinking {insert crying mama}

11. making a funny face while eating- popeye?

12. a sweet dreams banner for our friends who are expecting their first little one - also thinking about adding these to my shop

13. muscle man - time to retire the shirt Simon received at the hospital

14. the $15 yard sale book shelf for Simon's room

15. no words - just crying that he's already this big

16. sweet curls are emerging. I am a little worried about the growing hair in the back - but not the front

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