Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday's Letters ::: 4:26:13

Dear Simon:
It really stresses me out that you're almost 1. How did this happen? Just yesterday we were carrying you around like a football and now all of a sudden you're almost walking. I am kind of excited about the walking thing though - you're getting heavy.

Our little mover - and his classic dinosaur noise.

Dear Navy:
You're my new favorite color. I have nothing in my house to match you with - but I'm going to make it work. Somehow. If you're craving navy too, you might be interested in the new little navy seersucker dresses I just started selling in my etsy shop. Or, perhaps you need a touch of navy on a pillow.

Dear Greenville:
I miss you already, but I'll be back soon. Really soon. Like 3 weeks soon.

Dear folks out of the loop:
Tom has an internship with a church that I attended while in grad school, Downtown Presbyterian Church. We're super excited to be in the South for the summer and hope to see plenty of our friends. I'm excited to see some of my old church friends too.

Dear Mamas:
I bought this book via a recommendation from my blog-friend Sarah. It has been really good for me to read. It's good for new mothers about 2ish months in, and if you're a seasoned mother of littles - get it nowish. :) I find myself nodding at the things mentioned about how difficult motherhood is and find that the writers are able to put words to things I haven't been able to explain.
Dear Lorine:
Thank you for cutting my hairs. I love my new cut!

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  1. Hey! We love that pillow! 4-27 happens to be our almost three year olds bday! :) happy Friday!


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