Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday's Letters ::: 4:19:2013

Dear baby Elizabeth:
Welcome to the world little niece! Simon is really glad that you're here and cannot wait to play!

Dear Delwin:
Happy Birthday brother. I'm thankful for you and your easy-going personality.

Dear Greenville:
We can't wait to be here in May for the summer!

Dear little seedlings:
I cannot wait to see you grow and then eat what you produce. 18 different plants planted. Y'all, I love planting seeds and watching them grow. I'd be perfectly content to sit and watch them grow all day long - it's amazing to see how quickly this happens.

Dear Andrew:
Simon is really excited about becoming buddies this summer.

Dear Simon:
Stop it. Just stop it. Stop growing right now. I demand it.

Dear Mama and Papa: 
Thank you for housing me and Simon last minute. We are really glad to be in Greenville for the week. Thank you for all that you do for us!

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