Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday's Letters ::: 3:22:2013

Dear Friends:
It's still Friday here in Central Time - I totally still have time to write my letters.

Dear Melanie and Michael:
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Dear Tom:
We need more fun in our lives. And dates. We need to go on more dates.

Dear Bathtub Simon:
You might be my favorite of all the Simons. While I hate that you're growing up, I am really enjoying your new stage of exploration. I'm so thankful that you're generally happy and fun to be around.

Dear lingering cough and cold:
Away with you already. It's been like 2 weeks.

Dear people who recently moved:
Why didn't you tell me it would take so long?? And be so much work?! Moving always takes longer than expected; EVEN if it is just down the stairs. We're happily living with our camo floors and extra space. The only thing I miss from being upstairs are all the white moldings and brass door knobs, and I guess it was brighter up there. But now we have more space, more storage, carpet for Simon to crawl around on, less stairs to climb, the laundry is only one flight down instead of two, I can let Agnes "out" and don't have to actually go outside or change out of my pjs, I guess Simon's room doesn't have any windows - but so far he's sleeping normally and it doesn't seem to have messed up his sleep schedule. And if he sleeps a little longer - I don't think I'll complain.

Dear Ann:
Happy Pre-Birthday!!!! We cannot wait to celebrate with you next weekend. Come quickly!

Dear friends: {again}
SO, I recently had my 200th etsy sale {woohoo} - and I've been thinking about how to celebrate. AND - I don't think there's a better way than having a pillow sale on my new date pillows. They seem to be a new favorite and make a perfect wedding or baby gift for someone. My friend Kathryn has proudly displayed hers in her living room - it seems to fit the chair perfectly. You can check out her photos here

Starting today until Wednesday morning 10 a.m. central time, you can order a 12x18 date pillow for $30 {regularly 34.50} and a 12x24 date pillow for $33 {regularly $37}. Click on the image below to buy one today! {If you or a friend is expecting - and you'd like to purchase one for the future since babies hardly ever come on their due date - just let me know and I'll put your order on hold until that little one makes an appearance.} Feel free to share this offer with your friends.


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