Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday's Letters 3:1:13

Dear Hank:
Happy Birthday for yesterday! Did you get Simon's message?

Dear people who drink coffee without sugar:
How do you do it? I usually have a bit of coffee with my milk and sugar.

Dear Simon:
Last weekend I went to buy some fabric, while there, I saw a 16ish year old boy standing by his mom while she bought fabric. He was being a sweetheart and had his arm around her - it made me less sad about you growing up. BUT then yesterday at the airport, I saw a college softball team traveling with their coach, and it made me really sad/anxious that one day you'll also want to go on trips with teams. Made me scared that you'd be out there in the world without your mama. Then I remembered that I'm homeschooling for college - so no need to worry about that.

Dear Landlord:
Sorry, but I don't really have 20 minutes to listen to your story of the projectile vomit and excessive diarrhea you had two weekends ago. The fact that I'm staring at my sewing machine and not making eye contact means I'm not interested in the conversation. I had a stomach bug that weekend too - let's not swap stories. We're not that close.

Dear Family:
I'm glad to be in South Carolina visiting you! :)

Dear Greenville folks:
Do y'all know we'll be here for the summer????!!!?? Tom has an internship for the summer at a church {Downtown Presbyterian} I attended while in grad-school. We're soooo excited about being closer to friends and family for even just a little while.

Dear people who use google:
Do you type in and then type in what you're looking for? Am I the only one still doing this? Or are you advanced and just type it into the bar {if you use chrome}? Maybe I'm behind.

Dear St. Louis:
Stop it with the snow already.

Dear Readers:
Do you have a favorite iPhone app? Do share.....Instagram is my favorite. It's Facebook without all the drama - just the pics. I'm better about adding photos there than I am blogging {@chanehart}.

Dear Simon {again}:
What happened to this chunky face? Why aren't you gaining weight? We're on operation chunk-a-fy. OH! And - THANK YOU for sleeping totally through the night for 3 nights this week! Good job Simon. To sleep from 7-7:30 - that's impressive. Good job buddy-boy.

Dear Nadine:
Happy Birthday for tomorrow! I can't believe you're already 30! I'm glad to be here to celebrate you and little Elizabeth.

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  1. I'm here from Ashley's. I enjoyed your letters. I have a married daughter and she has two daughters. My son is graduating from engineering school in May and we're homeschooling our 5th grader. It's sad to see them grow up and go out on their own. But it's sweet when they tell you how much you mean to them. It's worth it. And I'm in SC, too!


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