Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday's Letters ::: 2:1:2013

Dear Kimmie:
I'm so sorry that your house got broken in to - that's awful. :( I'm really glad that you guys weren't there though when it happened.

Dear Bow-tie Simon:
Melt my heart.

Dear little poopies that wake up my baby:
I've written to you before - seems like you didn't get my letter. I'm not going to say please anymore: Just Stop It. Simon needs his naps about as much as I need that time to work in my sweat shop.

Dear Kate and Simon: {Kate is Simon's girlfriend and the one with whom he'll have an arranged marriage - just kidding - but wouldn't mind if we went ahead and set that up, right Elizabeth?}
Listen here little babies - you're both keeping your mamas awake at night - now would be a good time to stop this nonsense. {Sidenote - the nap poopies and the terrible night sleeping are not related}.

Dear Morgan:
Thank you for being so sweet to Simon. He especially appreciates that you share your toys with him. {Morgan is the little fella I babysit pretty regularly}.

Dear Readers:
How in the heck is it February already? Welcome to all the new readers as well. I'm glad you've joined me here on my little interweb space. I have an etsy shop that I'm trying to re-vamp. I've added three new pillows in the past few weeks. More to come for sure. I have other number colors for the date pillows, and the owl and birdie colors can be customized too if you'd like something to go with your decor.

Dear  St. Louis Weather:
Pull it together here. Within about 4 days you've given us a high of 67, to the low today: 9. What is that anyway? Who does that? You know you've been giving us crazy weather when we have long-johns and shorts in the same laundry load.


  1. Yay for Etsy!! I just recently started a shop, too. It's work promoting it, but fun! Visit sometime - I'm off to visit yours - love the owl pillow! Too adorable! Simon is ADORABLE and how sweet he already has a true love! :)

    Found you via Friday's Letters! :)

    Beth @

  2. That bow-tie? Oh my! How adorable!!

    Stopping by from "Friday's Letters"!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  3. Simon looks super adorbs in that bowtie how cute! I am new to your blog and I love it! LOL about the arrange marriage ha! We kid that with our BFF's boy as well lol! It's fun to see your BFF's kids and your kids grow up together like we did errrrrr that's what my BFF and I did ha! I love your pillows. By chance do you make Chevron print? I need some bright yellow and white ones for my downstairs revamped nautical themed room. I am putting a modern twist on it and adding lots of color!

    New follower


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