Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

Some people spend a great deal of time assessing their lives and being intentional about making resolutions. While I'd like to say I'm one of these people - I'm not. I recently thought about the beginning of the new year and how really, in my mind, the year begins in August - when school and classes begin. From when I was in school - till - even now - my years have begun in August - they end in May - and then there are those blurry months in-between.

Even now that I'm not teaching, my year still begins in August because of Tom's seminary schedule. And if he is able to work in college ministry like he wants to, our years will continue to begin in August. I was also thinking about how sometimes I wish there was a type of life-reset button that you can press every January - a new year - clean slate - leave the baggage behind - only pack the good things that happened. But our lives are one connected blur, and while sometimes I wish I could say - what happened in 2012 stays in 2012 - I'm greatly affected by 2012 and all the good and hard things that happened. 

So based on my assessment of what didn't go so well {and things I'd like to do}, I've made some resolutions to change my life for the better in 2013. Here's my list {in no particular order}.
I'm not very good at resting, or being ok with resting. Many times I'll work really hard to finish something so that I have time to rest, and what happens is I'll use that extra time to do more work. 
I hate exercise about as much as I hate cleaning. I know it's important to exercise. So - I'm going to try to do it.
Our life together before Simon was pretty much a three year date. We're having to be more intentional about spending time together, without Simon. {fyi - this pic is about 3 years old}
Love doing both, and both have been the first to go when I'm busy with etsy orders - I'm going to try to do both more.
This has been on my bucket list for a few years now. This will be the year that I don't just close the book after looking at the the recipe. How hard can it be?
 I tried to read last year, but again, it's one of those things that just falls by the way-side when things get a little crazy. Maybe I can pair 1 & 6 together? I have to set time aside to do this during the day, because once my head is on the pillow, I'm out.
Now that I'm in a groove with my shop and have enough repeat customers, I need to apply my teaching model to my business model - work smarter, not harder.
It's so easy for me to depend on myself or other things to fill myself up and be the source of what I do. I want to be more intentional about filling up on Jesus.

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