Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday's Letters 1:25:13

Dear Unexpected Snow:
It was just supposed to be a cold day here in St. Louie, and then you showed up! It was a pleasant surprise.

Dear New Work Room:
oooooooooooooooH! I have been waiting for you for a looong time. It's so great to have a space to work in and be messy. I'm SO thankful for you. I can't wait until we move downstairs so that all of our stuff is together, oh, and so that we can turn on the heat. My work space is sweat shop turned ice box. Bought some finger-less gloves yesterday; here's to trying to stay warm in the igloo. Even with my space heater, I can barely get the heat above 50. I started wearing my snow shoes too. 

Dear Simon:
You might just be the cutest baby I've ever known - I say this 1. because you're the most adorable baby ever and 2. because I'm your mother and my eyes are blinded by my love for you. That being said: Please go back to sleeping through the night. On another notes, yesterday I was kissing your sweet little feet. Then I had a flash-forward to 16 years. I thought about how you're not going to want to know that I was kissing your feet. But then I realized, at 16, I won't want to kiss your feet. It all works out.

Dear Landlord:
Did you intend to put camo floors down in the downstairs apt {where we're moving}? Maybe you don't see camo, maybe you see a topographical map, but my {and Tom's first instinct} was camo. If it's not geckos painted in the stairwell or brick stairs, it's camo floors y'all. How will I know if my floors are really dirty? 

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