Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday's Letters 1:11:13

Dear Jonathan:
We're sorry we didn't call you on your birthday! We still love you, brother {in-law}. Your gift is on its way.

Dear Flu:
You are not welcome here; don't. even. think. about. it.

Dear Bethany:
Thank you for the blogging award; I'm working on paying it forward.

Dear Ms. Yolanda:
I'm so grateful that I found your post office - that's way closer than the last one. I'm thankful that you call me baby and honey, way better than calling me plump.

Dear Simon:
HOORAY! You slept through the night again last night!! I know that you didn't like sleeping in the pack and play for 2 weeks on our southern trip, but it's only taken you a week to adjust back to sleeping in your own bed. Glad we're back to normal.

Dear Tom:
Congratulations! You have {almost} successfully made it through 40 hours of class this week. Glad it's you and not me. I'll keep things going on the home front.

Dear people who think about seasonal holidays ahead of time:
I just added some cute heart stationery to my shop, and if you're feeling crafty, you can make your own heart post cards. If you're not one of these people. It's ok. All of our Christmas decor is still up. All of it.

Dear Self:
Remember all those blog posts you referred to writing last week? Better get started on them.


  1. I hope you guys don't get the flu! Especially with that precious bundle of joy! Have an amazing weekend hun <3

  2. Im still recovering from Xmas havent thought about Valentines yet, but thanks to you I might just do a bit of decor this year! Hope you enjoy your weekend now the little one is rested up again :)

    1. I'm with you Michelle - ALL of our Christmas decorations are STILL up. Uh. Maybe you've inspired me to take it down today....

  3. Yea Simon! No sweeter child than a good sleeper.


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