Monday, January 28, 2013

Do you play?

This post is more geared to women, but I guess men might do this as well. I don't know when it started, I think probably when I was a little girl and fanticised about what my wedding ring would look like. So, if I was looking at a magazine and there was a page of rings for example - I'd make myself pick ONE ring that I would buy {or want} IF I had to choose something from that page. Does that make sense? Probably not. Let me give you a visual {I'm a visual learner, after all}.

These images are from a Real Simple magazine. So, I'd look at this first page and think - I love flats! I'll choose the yellow ones with the embroidery. Super cute and what a great pop of color they'd be. After I choose my favorite - I look at the price. That's when I realize I have expensive taste because almost always, I'll pick the most expensive ones. One of the "rules" is that I can't look at the price before I choose a product.
So for the second page, I'm like.... ugh. I love flats. I don't love 'pointy' flats - no - not so much. But, I still have to "pick" one. So I'd pick the 4th ones - the orange medallion ones. Love the print - not the point. See - doesn't that make magazine browsing more fun?

Do you play this game when flipping through magazines? 

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