Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday's Letters ::: 12:7:12

Dear New baby-eating-solids Poopie: 
Stop waking my baby up mid-nap. 

Dear Ronel and Mama:
Glad we got to do facetime this week with you guys. Crazy how technology has changed; I'm grateful for it.

Dear new family I'm tutoring for:
Thank you!

Dear ba-gillion things that need to get done yesterday today:
While I can't do a ba-gillion things {I know, I've tried it} - I can try to get some of you knocked off of the list.

We're excited about your newest little one on the way. :)

Dear Baby Food:
I enjoy making you far more than I anticipated. I feel like I'm a little girl making food for my baby doll - only - this is real life and you actually get eaten. 

Dear Lorine:
Thank you for selling my stuff for me in Greenville! I really do appreciate it.

You have until Monday to place any custom orders.

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