Thursday, December 13, 2012


Yesterday I partook {is this even a word? sure} in an all day instagramming marathon, capturing what I was doing  at 12 minutes past every hour. I've never been so aware of time - and I don't think I liked it. I thought I'd share my day with my blog friends who don't follow me on instagram. I'm sure 30 years from now I'll be grateful for this post as it pretty much sums up my life right now.

Here's my day:
7:12 - Tom made me breakfast in bed! Amazing. I don't usually take naps, so I usually just sleep until Simon wakes me up with his whimpering. Sometimes I'm up and working by 5:30.
8:12 - finishing a dish towel to ship off.
9:12 - getting my ship stuff together - this takes forever
10:12 - still packaging orders. blah.

11:12 - nursing and tying threads. feeling rushed as I need to be at the mall Chick-fil-a to have lunch with Tom and Mark {Covenant Seminary "ruf intern"}
12:12 - lunch with Mark
1:12 - driving home {don't worry - I didn't text and drive}
2:12 nursing again - just reheated coffee - really wanting to take a nap - but must, keep, working.

3:12 - one of my favorite things is checking the mail. I especially love that the mail gets dropped right into our door. No need to walk outside to retrieve the mail!
4:12 - sewing double. One for an order and one for the market I'm doing this weekend.
5:12 - running errands. 
6:12 - dinter time. Simon's eating butternut squash and peas that I made. Agnes is sitting by, drooling. Dinter time is the only time of day that she shows any interest in Simon.

7:12 - bath time. Currently Simon only gets bathed every other day - unless dinter time is a total mess.
8:12 - cuddling on the couch before being put to bed. When Simon isn't teething, he'll sleep from about 8ish to 7ish. Praise the Lord for a good, sleeping baby. I am not taking this for granted; I'm sincerely thankful for this.
9:12 - trying to clean up a bit - but it's hard when I'm in full sweat shop mode. Our place isn't that big, so it's hard to keep things in the designated room - especially when my sweat shop room is also Simon's bedroom. Made some banana oatmeal muffins and coffee for the morning.
10:12 - Assembled the second round of Christmas cards. Didn't order enough the first round.

This is a pretty average day. Tom was working on a paper all day {except for lunch} - so I was single-parenting it. 

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  1. What a fun project! I like the pic of you and S snuggling on the couch before bed. He looks like such a happy boy.


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