Monday, November 12, 2012

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I'm completely aware that my Friday letters have been non-existent. BUT - I will have some letters this Friday. :)
1. Simon voted, or really, we voted; he just came along and totally looked at my ballot.

2. I took this photo of the dish towels that are now being sold in a local gift shop: The Sheldon in St. Louie on Washington Street. They contacted me about selling in their store. When I asked the shop-keeper how she found out about me, she told me that her boss gave her a list of shops to check out - and guess who was on that list? THIS girl. :) 

3. Agnes is going grey. Or, she has a grey beard at least. I'm tributing it to her stressful environment where she's no longer the center of attention. 

4. Simon and his Paw. Love this photo of both of them. Tom loves being a dad.

5. It cracks me up how Simon always crosses his feet. While I'm nursing him or if he's just hanging out, those little footsies are crossed. 

6. Made some earrings for a craft market on Saturday. I'm trying to decide if I should add them to my shop.

7. I thought I knew how to use a drill until I was left alone with one. I took this photo to send my dad so he could share his tool wisdom. Now I know. Girlfriends, if you need a drill, I'm your girl.

8. I call this the hug train. The sweet kiddos I babysit regularly love Simon like he's their brother. I was doing LuLu's hair for school while she held Simon, and then Morgie-Pie came and hugged his legs. Melt my heart.

9. Made this cute birdie onesie/burpcloth set for the market on Sat. Story is - a fast and furious stomach bug attacked my already weak immune system and tired body. I got sick a couple of times Friday night, and eventually called Tom at work to come home. Kind of hard to take care of a babe by yourself when you're up-chucking. I woke up at 5 am to get a glass of water - thinking I felt well enough to do the market. Then on my way back to bed, smack, a spell of dizziness overcame me and I ended up on the floor. This is the second time this has happened and scares poor Tom every time {no hard feelings to the Woods; this bug was a blessing in many ways}.

10. Simon trying his first beer. Just. Kidding! I'm way more responsible than that.

11. Teething has started and I felt his first little tooth-bud on Sunday. But if it's really just 3 hours of crankiness one night, then I can do this. Not as bad as some people tried to advise. {Side-note: It kind of gets on my nerves when other parents say, "Oh just wait til..." I know they're trying to be helpful, but really, it's not helpful at all. Everyone's experience is different.}

12. We have a teething toy winner! Plus, it's never too early to encourage good oral hygiene, right?

13. Tom being the best husband ever. He pretty much demanded that I do nothing all weekend, and then proceeded to tie the threads on the stuff I made.

14. Then Tom reminded me of how weird he can be. I mean, who else eats spinach leaves like potato chips? 

15. A stack of notecards I tried to ship to someone today, then realized that the post office wasn't doing their thing. After ol' Joe never showed up to get my package, I went to my trusty mail website: to find out that indeed, it does not. I appreciate this order because I don't know many people who still handwrite notes. I hope people never stop doing it.

16. Simon blowing bubbles this morning. :) 


  1. You most certainly should add those earrings to your shop!! Just sayin.. :)

  2. i want to be in the hug train! that's not weird, right? :) glad you get to love on my kiddos, and they love on y'all too.


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