Monday, November 26, 2012

holiday budget & The Lower Lights

Tom and I set budgets for certain things. Like, when we went on our honeymoon, we made a shopping budget, and had to spend that money. This type of budget is set to make us spend money {because we can be stingy with our dollas}. Other times, we have to set a budget to ensure that we don't go crazy. Fact - when I don't have a budget, I usually spend less. I don't like feeling restricted with my money {or any part of my life really}.

Anyways, so we usually set a decorating budget for a specific season. Christmas, as you can imagine, gets the largest budget. Usually this money is used for a tree, lights that need to be replaced, a good ornament to replace a junky dollar store ornament. This year our budget primarily will go to adding a wise man to our nativity scene, our tree that's fallen over, twice, already, and then we decided we wanted to spruce up our Christmas music collection.

I discovered The Lower Lights a few years ago from Katy @ No Big Dill. I have two of their cds already - that sounds so old school - not cds - but two albums from iTunes. Then when I tried to create a playlist on Pandora for them, their Christmas cd came up.

Being confident in their music ability/style - I purchased their Christmas cd without listening to a single song. And let me tell you - I love it. Not only do I love their folksy sound, but their voices are so complimentary - I can't help but sing along with them. I also love that the album is mainly Christian Christmas songs, not just songs about wanting a hippo for Christmas or seductively singing to Santa. Their version of "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" is my new favorite Christmas song. Here's a short clip {with creepy santa in the background} from the song - I couldn't find the full version:

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  1. y'all should do what my sister (with 4 crazy boys) does to prevent tumbling trees- they use fishing line to tie the tree to the opposite corners of the window behind it so it doesn't fall! I'm sure after two tumbles you've already figured something like this- but in case you haven't- there you go!


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