Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday's Letters ::: 11:30:12

Dear Teething Baby:
Two down, 18 to go.

Dear Wise Man:
Welcome to our scene.
Dear Amber:
You're a saint. Thank you for babysitting for us tonight. All. night. I'm looking forward to a solid night of sleep. SO thankful for you and the fact that you're going to watch our baby for us.

Dear Self:
Good job at keeping your place clean this week. You did it!

Dear Christmas Cards:
I'm tackling you tomorrow.

Dear neighbors who stole my paypal account number:
No need to keep on lying to us; we know that you ordered those plates and makeup kit.

Dear Boden:
Thank you for your excellent customer service. I appreciate people doing their job well. I still can't get over the fact that you re-issued the goodies I ordered last week that I mailed to myself - in Auburn. Also glad that your gift cards don't expire and that I was able to use gift cards from 3 years ago for my purchase.

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