Friday, November 2, 2012

friday's letters ::: 11:2:12

Dear readers:
Sorry I haven't blogged. Sometimes I think that there is just too much going on and I should probably just give it up. BUT, I don't think I'll do that because I love having a digital journal of our lives. I love that if I "kind of" remember something, I can search my blog and find more about it. Then it's like, Oh Yeah! - That's what happened. So I'll keep trucking at an alarmingly slow pace.

Dear Bobby and Amanda:
We were so glad to see you last weekend, even if it was for a brief moment. Maybe on our Christmas drive down we can stop and hang out more.

Dear Agnes:
I'm sorry to admit it, but your needs have moved waaay down the list of "needs to be met." I understand that you'd like to chase the ball 50 million times a day, but that isn't realistic.

Dear Simon:
STOP growing. Just stop. Is it bad that I don't want you to crawl? Because before I blink my eyes you'll be walking, and then walking to school, then driving to school, then driving away to school. Oh yeah, I forgot I'm homeschooling for college. Never mind.

Dear Postage Scale:
You're still the best thing I've ever purchased.

Dear Tired:
Everything is worse when you're around. Let's get rid of you soon.

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