Friday, November 16, 2012

friday's letters ::: 11:16:2012

Dear Emily:
You are always welcome to join the hug train, and no, it's not weird that you do. I think we all need a hug train sometimes, especially with these cuties.
Dear Henry and Ann:
Agnes really needs a run through the doggie wash; any chance you could ship it up here for the weekend?
Dear Thanksgiving Feast:
I'm looking forward to you and your deliciousness. Although, it kind of freaks me out that you'll be here next week, because that means we only have about a month till Christmas. And I've only bought one present.

Dear Newspaper Thief:
I saw you!! I saw you drive up in your sketchy van and steal my neighbors paper! I could tell by your shifty eyes that you weren't a relative picking up the paper for them because they're away. Next time I'll be brave enough to call you out. Watch yourself.

Dear Tom:
Thank you for taking care of me last weekend.

Dear Simon:
You laughing is pretty much the cutest thing ever. I'm thankful for my iphone that allows me to capture these things. Good thing I don't have to carry a 30 pound video recorder in my diaper bag.


  1. Stopping by from the link up!

    I'm freaking out a little too that Thanksgiving is next week. I still have to buy the bird!!!! Dreading the grocery store lines already.

    Stop by and say hi :)

  2. You sound like a great neighbor! Careful though, I hear stealing papers in a sketch van is a gateway crime! haha Have a great weekend --Meagan

  3. Simon's laugh is the most precious thing! Glad iPhones can capture sweet moments like that too!


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