Tuesday, October 9, 2012

sayonara post office. see you again - never.

Oh happy day. 
My life has been changed. When Tom returned from his class today, I asked if I could quickly go to Office Depot to purchase a prize {because it takes about 15 minutes to run an errand sans baby, and about 5 hours with baby}. And I bought this item:
What is that? You might ask. Well. It's a shipping scale. So I can mail stuff from home, in my pajamas! And I no longer have to stand in line for 25 minutes to mail one item because the automated machine is broken or out of stamps. Not only won't I have to stand in line, I don't have to drive to the post office. I don't have to do this any more: 
All I do now is weigh my order. And print a label.
 And walk all the way down the stairs to my front door and place my parcel right here:
In mid-conversation with my in-laws on Saturday I high-tailed it to the door to flag down our mail man,  Joe, and arranged pick-ups with him. Sweet man said, "We'll make it work." I'm thankful for my mailman and his willingness to make my life easier. Not all mail-persons are created equally.
Why didn't I do this sooner!?!??!!!


  1. I totally agree! I had a run in with the post office recently. It was a $120 etsy order of custom furniture hardware. Anyway the order got lost (twice!) and do you know what the post office's response? "If you don't pay for insurance we are not liable for not delivering packages."

  2. That is a cool little machine! Glad it's making you're life easier :) And Happy birthday to Tom!

  3. Yeah for a purchase that makes your life so much easier. Enjoy!


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