Thursday, October 18, 2012

one of those weeks

This week has been kind of nuts. But that's ok. I thrive on craziness and feel like my world is unbalanced when there isn't a good dose of stress to be had. A counselor told me once that I was an "over-functioning" person and am addicted to cortisol {the stress hormone}. Why yes, I'd agree with all of that.
Tom has been super busy with school and work as well, so it's been one of those weeks where our sentences begin with: I don't think I told you...  I forgot to tell you... I haven't even told you about...Did I tell you that...
 And I've been sewing. Like, really sewing. Like, wake up at 5:30 and start sewing kind of week to get ready for a craft fair I'm doing this weekend. And then there's been babysitting, and baby-rearing, and baby-washing, and clothes washing, and diaper washing, and diaper changing - yes, lots of diaper changing - food cooking, ladder making, lots of pumpkin chocolate chip muffin eating, dog playing, friend visiting so I don't become a hermit even though that could easily be done, and secret service stuff going on, and lots of cleaning and re-cleaning and re-re-cleaning. 
Thank goodness Tom has already agreed to hire someone to help me clean over here - he said when we get rich, that'll be the first thing we do. So, maybe, never. So, maybe I'll just have LOTS of children, and they can do the cleaning. Also I had my very first "business meeting" with an art gallery, whom contacted me by the way, about selling my items in their gift shop. Meeting was a success and it will be the first St. Louis venue to sell my items. :) So excited. It's the small things.
Not kidding about that secret service stuff. We've had a run-in with the law. Not like the time Tom went to jail, this is a different type of run in. I've written about it in full detail, but have decided not to publish it on the inter-web just yet because I wouldn't dare compromise an investigation. For real. I'll let you know about it later. I know....the anticipation is killing you, but believe me, not more than it's killing me {pun intended}. I better go clean again. I've made more of a mess. Oh, and I guess Tom going to jail is another post to be written. I'll see if I can get him to be a guest-writer one day. :)

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