Tuesday, October 2, 2012

my favorite baby items {0-4 months}

So here's a short list of my favorite baby items as a new mama {0-4 months}.

I could not have survived without this pillow. If you've been over here, you probably have seen little man on this little baby pillow/recliner. It's the perfect thing for when your babe is little and you need to run to the basement to do laundry and you're like, where do I put the baby? Simon has spent many an hour snoozing in this pillow. Still does - but these days, we put the pillow on the floor - just in case he suddenly decides to propel his body to the side or forward {yeah, he's doing that}. It can also fasten so that when they're a little bit bigger, they can sit in it. I'd never seen this before until I started babysitting here last year.

If you've been around babies at all, you've seen these blankets. The Aiden & Anais swaddle blankets are awesome because 1. They're large. So even if you don't really know how to swaddle, you can figure something out. 2. They're thin - perfect for spring/summer babies. And 3. They're super soft. Get some.
{what? Is that Simon? When was he ever that little?}
Aiden & Anais Swaddle Blankets - aka - baby burrito blanket {a little lesson in Hebrew, burrito means In His Covenant in Hebrew, so we always thought about Simon in his burrito and the fact that he's wrapped in God's covenant. - these are the conversations you have in seminary-and no I didn't learn Hebrew with Tom, I just remember burrito.}

I didn't think we'd use as many burp cloths as we have. We have about 10ish in rotation, and despite doing laundry almost every other day over here, we still run out sometimes. You can use these as burp cloths, spit-up cleaning cloths, or can put them on the changing pad so that if you get poop on one of these, you can just wash this instead of the entire changing pad cover. Get a fancy one with a letter on it or buy them at most stores - they're the 6 ply cloth diapers.

We have plenty of toys. However, this is my favorite little toy for Simon. I don't remember where we got it or if someone gave it to us - if you gave it to us THANK YOU!. I like it so much because it's multi-functioning. It has a rattle, a squeaker, a mirror, a teether, plenty of textures and colors, you can hang it from a car seat or a play-gym, and best of all, it has parts that are small enough for him to hold. Many of the newborn-ish toys are huge, and Simon's little fingers can't even hold the toys.

Last but not least, you must get an Ergo baby. This one is for the mama. I've never used the baby Bjorn, so I don't speak from experience, but I think it's better than the Bjorn. You can carry them in the front for the first couple of months, and then when they're bigger, you can carry them on your back or even on the side. A lady in the Target parking lot told me that she put her 3 year old in it the other day when the 3 year old was having a melt-down. She said it calmed her babe down instantly. What's best is that it's a hands-free contraption and your baby can be curled up against you while you're sewing and mailing packages. {Thank you Nadine for letting me borrow yours; I don't think I'm going to give it back to you}.


  1. The aiden & anais blankets are to die for. Oh I love them! I use them as a nursing cover (instead of my nursing cover) because they breathe so nicely.

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  3. baby is really comfortable, I haven't heard her cry since i carry her using this.

    I'd love to get those toys next time for baby.

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