Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday/Tuesday to-do

Oh hey guys. I didn't realize that I'd gone this long without blogging - I believe I've missed TWO Friday's Letters - and thought, at least I would always do those - but no - sometimes the letters just aren't going to be written. I might write some letters to keep you guys updated on things early this week. We returned Sunday (at 2 a.m.) from visiting my parents for the week. Tom only gets a few days off for Thanksgiving, so we decided to drive down during his fall break since A. this break is longer and B. I'm not working a steady job and have the freedom to do things like that. The week before I was getting ready for a craft market, and will be working hard for the next 3 markets I have coming up between now and Dec 15.

If you know that you'd like to place a Christmas order - go ahead and email me so that I can get started on your items {whatthehartlikes {at} gmail {dot} com}. I also have a huge promotion I'm working on with Southern Savers - best giveaway yet - more on that next week.

Simon is growing and I'm trying to figure out how to stunt his growth. Any ideas? He's still the best little baby even if he was screaming for a few hours straight last night. Well. I've made a list of all that needs to be accomplished today, as I added items to the list, I realized that it's probably unrealistic that I'd finish all these things today - so I've added Tuesday as another day to get these things accomplished. Might need Wednesday too. I'll keep you updated. This list is long and the day is short.
Simon already misses his cousin. It was sweet to see how Andrew loves Simon.

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