Friday, October 5, 2012

friday's letters ::: 10:5:2012

Dear Simon:
Sometimes when you're sleeping, I want to wake you up and play with you. Did you know that I constantly check on you while you're sleeping to make sure that you're breathing. Just when I'm awake though, I don't wake up to check on you. 

Dear Federal Internet Watch Line:
 I don't know who you're watching over here? But I see you over there on our internet options; I know you're here. Are you watching us? I promise I've been paying my etsy taxes!

Dear St. Louis Weather:
You crazy thing, you. Always a surprise. I seriously enjoy the 2ish month stints in spring and fall when we have our air conditioner turned off and the windows open. Love it. However, how do you go from high 80s to 40s within like 36 hours?? Who? Does? That?

Dear Mumsy and Papas:
Your favorite grandson can't wait to see y'all! Come quickly and bring your coats!

Dear Post Pregnancy Hair Loss:
At what point will I stop losing rodent size hairballs every time I brush my hair? Common now; it's been like 4.5 months.

Dear Ronel:
Get better soon! We love you.

Dear Charmin:
What do you mean exactly when you say, "Enjoy the Go"?

Dear Pandora,
Yes, I'm still listening.

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  1. haha, i had missed this're so cute, Chane' - and witty!


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