Friday, October 12, 2012

friday's letters ::: 10:12:12

Dear most wonderful postage scale that changed my life:
Not only have you changed my life and abled me to mail package from home, but you did something that no electronic has ever done before: you came with batteries! You kept me from saying something common like, "Aaaah, I should have known that I would need batteries" or "why didn't I check to see if it would need batteries?" You. Are. Awesome. Thank you for the batteries. I think this made me love you so much more. Good job.

Dear eating/shopping establishments:
Shouldn't you have a changing pad in the bathroom? Why isn't this a law yet? Why do you make me change my baby on a tile floor? Would you rather me change him on the carpeted restaurant floor or better yet the table?

Dear Laundry:
Why is it that everyone else's laundry smells better than mine? Even if I use the exact same detergent; I've never been able to figure it out. I even remember being in middle school and loved the smell of my friend's clothes. When I asked my friend's mom what brand of detergent she used, I was baffled that it was the exact same kind that my mom uses! Is it the water? Must be the water.

Dear current place of residence:
Why must you be so cold? Why do you let the warm air just escape from your windows? And why can't you just keep the heat inside?

Dear future downstairs neighbors:
Move in quick and turn your heat on so that we can be a little warmer up here on the second floor.

Dear hospitals:
I don't know why you haven't thought of this yet, but when someone leaves the hospital with a new babe, won't you give them a bottle box of shout or oxyclean? You should tell new parents that they'll be doing a lot of clothes spraying.

Dear Mumsy and Papas: 
We miss you already. It was just a foretaste of the future {hopefully}; we hope to live closer one day so that we can take full advantage of you and your help.

Dear Letter Readers:
I will try to have more pics with my letters in the future. I guess it's kind of boring just to have words and no pictures. It would be like "reading" a magazine without pictures: Awful.

Dear Jacobs Family:
It's sad that we had to put Zoe down; she's the best dog sister we've ever had. It's made me realize {and remember} how quickly our lives can change.

Dear Tom:
Happy Birthday to you! Like you said, we're you're getting pretty close to 30. Times are a'changin'. You're a dad now and on your way to becoming a preacher man. I'm really grateful for you and as Amber would say, "I'm glad you were born." I should have blogged for your birthday - but yesterday was just one of those days. But it was a rare birthday in that your birthday was on 10.11.12.

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  1. Nothing ever comes with batteries you were very lucky! I hope that tennant moves in soon too to keep you guys warm :) hope you enjoy your weekend x


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