Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pin it to win it- fall 2012

I can't wait any longer - it's been too long since I thought about this idea {Monday} - and now I just have to share it. Every now and then I like to offer my blog readers and shoppers a little discount just for being awesome. Well, really this idea came to me when I wanted to celebrate my 150th sale and the arrival of autumn {two things worth celebrating}.

Instead of offering a discount like I've done before, I'm going to offer a $20 gift certificate! That's right. 20 bucks! I figure this way you don't get an owl dish towel when really you like the cupcake one. Or...maybe you don't even like the dish towels but have been thinking about getting a beach towel with your name on it so your friends will stop taking your towel when you go to the pool. Or...maybe you don't know what to get your sister {who has everything} for Christmas and just know that she'll love a birdie dish towel.

How do I win a $20 gift card? Glad you asked: you Pin It to Win It.

Each item {from my shop} that you pin on Pinterest, will count as an entry {feel free to pin all you'd like, but each person can only be entered up to 5 times}.

Once you've pinned an item, email me a link to your pin{s}, and your name, and you'll be entered to win the gift certificate. Got it?

1. Head over to my shop and find an item to pin {or items}
2. Pin it on one of your Pinterest boards
3. Email me a link to your pin {whatthehartlikes {at} gmail {dot} com} - put pin it to win it in the subject line so I don't accidentally delete your email
4. Repeat if you want to enter multiple times - up to 5 entries
4. Check back Oct 3 to see if you've won

Pin It to Win It will last from right now until 7 p.m. {central time} on Wednesday, Oct 3th. At 7:05 pm, I'll announce the winner of the $20 gift certificate. 

Questions you might have:
Can I get my cousin to pin an item to help me win? Absolutely. But if your cousin wins and she decides she wans to get an initial pillow, you'll have to fight that out with her.

What if I don't use Pinterest? Then you can share a link to my shop on Facebook and tag me {chané hart or my shop profile} so that I'll know you shared on FB.

What if I don't use Facebook or Pinterest? Say hello to 2002 for me.

If I win, do I have to get the item that I pinned? Of course not. Once you win you're free to spend the money on any item.

What if I only want a burp cloth, will you mail me a check for the rest of the money? No, but you can use the rest as store credit. It's like the gift that keeps on giving.

Good luck and happy pinning.

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