Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Friday's Letters ::: 9:6:12 {flashback}

So I'm a little late posting my Friday's Letter - but better late than never, right? I actually had part of this post written before Friday, but you know how it goes.

Dear Sleepy Baby Face:
As much as I love your three hour long naps in the morning, I love this freshly woken-up face even more. You're basically the cutest thing, ever
{check out those arm dimples!}

Dear All the Dentists and Dental Hygienists I've ever had:
Sure wish one of you would have told me that if you brush too hard you'd get receding gums. Please tell future clients that it's better to brush fast and soft, not hard.

Dear Hank and Kimberly:
So glad you guys came to visit us! It went by way too quickly, but we sure did a lot in that short amount of time. Glad to have experienced some old man football with you.
{Notice I'm baby-less! Simon had his first spend-the-night, ever. We both survived. Thank you Sean & Amber.}

Dear new banana nut chocolate chip bread recipe:
I hope you're a good one. You sure smell delicious.

Dear mom-of-18 year old-drunken son-at-football-game:
I know that coming to retrieve your drunken son, who could barely stand up and who was hitting you at his fraternity house on Saturday, was probably the most embarrassing thing you've ever had to do. It was probably his most embarrassing moment too - if he'll remember it. Having a son of my own now, I can only imagine how you felt. What can I do so that I'll never have to experience anything like this? How can I stunt Simon's growth so that he'll never grow up? Witnessing this event has made me decide to homeschool. For college. In Siberia.

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