Friday, September 28, 2012

friday's letters ::: 9:28:2012

Dear Lorine:
I am the worst sister. EVER. I cannot believe that I didn't call you on your birthday. I really am sorry and am thankful that you've forgiven me. At least you already got your present? Right? Not like last year when you got your present a little late. Like 6 months later. I'm feeling good about next year. A phone call and a present - on time.

Dear Photo Enforcement:
I hate you and your $100 tickets that you so easily mail to me. I haven't gotten any recently {like in the last month}, but I have a deep sense of hatred whenever I see your advertisement.
Dear creaky hardwood floors:
Why must you be so creaky? I'm tempted to put little blue painter's tape X's on the spots where you don't squeak so that I'll know where to walk when little Simon is sleeping.

Dear moms who will go to great lengths not to wake their babies:
I totally get it. If Simon wakes up, my work time is over.

Dear iPhone users:
I have 2 tips for you. The one I just learned about that has kept me from scrolling up is if you click the time twice, it will scroll all the way up to the top {isn't that awesome?} The second tip is for those of you who write in Spanish or French or need to know how to put the accent over the é in my name - if you hold down a letter while typing - you'll get accent options. :) 

Dear people who drive in front of me without a warning:
The least you can do is give me a courtesy wave. It's not that hard. Put your arm up and move your wrist from side to side. If you're lazy, a simple lifting of the arm will do

Dear 1 in 100,000 driver:
Thank you! I appreciate the courtesy wave; it can change my mood in a split second.

Dear Post Office Lady who called me plump when I was pregnant:
We are not friends, and I don't appreciate the small talk. You probably don't know this, but I try to avoid going to your post office because you're always there. Yesterday you said, "So what are you a stay at home mom or something?" Just do your job, calculate my shipping costs, and let me be on my way. {click here to read about my plumpness}

Dear Pinners:
It's been really fun to see what items you've pinned to win the $20 gift card to my shop. I feel like I know you a little bit better. Remember that you can have up to 5 chances to win. And if you've pinned something, be sure to e-mail me {whatthehartlikes at gmail dot com} so that you can be officially entered to win. And, someone asked about how to pin stuff from etsy. The easiest way I know how is to install the pin button on your computer's browser. You can do this from Pinterest. If you go to the About button on the top right hand corner on pinterest, there will be a link that says: Pin It Button - this will explain how to add the button to your computer so that you can pin from any website you're on.

One more...

Dear Pumpkin Spice Creamer:
Glad you're in my life. Although I can't afford a PSL at Starbucks every day, I can add a little of you in my coffee each morning and feel like I've gotten a special treat. 


  1. oh no you forgot to call your sister! I am SURE you can make it up to her! cute letters---- amen to the pumpkin spice coffee creamer!

  2. hahahaha.. oh my gosh, i LOVE this post, chane'! :) I hope you've been well, my sweet friend. I'm going to bookmark this page, so I can remember to come back to your blog now that I know it's here.. :)


  3. Hi from 'Friday Letters'

    I didn't know they sold Pumpkin Spice Creamer! I definitely need to go pick some up, I'm going broke from Starbucks all the time! LOL

    Have a good weekend!

    xox, Heather

  4. Stopping by from the link up! Great letters! What a handsome little guy you have! I have a little guy who will be 6 months on Sunday! :) Have a great weekend!

  5. I love your Friday Letters! They are so cute too read. I can agree with several of the post you wrote & that mean post lady oh lord you need to find some duck tape for her mouth or super glue would do :)

  6. i had no idea they make pumpkin spice creamer - this could really help my bank account! thanks :)


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